Viqua Quartz sleeve QS-012

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Replacement for the Viqua Sterilight UV lamp series SPV-950
Part Number: QS-012
  • Compatible with Sterilight/Viqua SHF-140, SHFM-140, S12Q-PA, S24Q, S40Q, SSM-39, SUV 24-100P series systems
  • Installs in minutes
  • 35 inches or 89 cm in length
  • Replace when chipped, scratched or when you cannot clean the glass to where is is clear
  • Do not touch the glass when installing the new lamp and bulb
  • Broken sleeves may be recyclable: check local recycling guidelines
  • Made in North America by Sterilight / Viqua
  • *This item ships bubble packed, marked fragile
  • Viqua lamp and sleeve replacement instructions
  • Sterilight Genuine Replacement UV Quartz Glass Sleeve

    A Sterilight/Viqua quartz glass sleeve protects the lamp from water that flows through the Viqua stainless steel chamber. The ability of the UV light to pass through the quartz glass sleeve into the water creates the Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation of air and water. O-rings are necessary for a water-tight seal at each end of the quartz sleeve. Two replacement o-rings ship with your quartz sleeve and should be replaced when the bulb is changed, and/or checked regularly for wear.

    Layers of minerals, metals and organics may form over time on the surface of the quartz sleeve, especially with hard water, which in time lowers the ability of the UV light to transmit. It is therefore necessary to clean the quartz sleeve periodically. When UV systems are left on for long periods of time without water flow, the quartz sleeve becomes less translucent faster and may need to be cleaned more often. Sterilight recommends a minimum 75% UVT rating.


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