Harmsco® HC-90-AC-5 Carbon Cartridge

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19.5 inch long Hurricane and WaterBetter Activated Carbon Cartridge with outer layer 5 micron nominal filter
Part Number: HC/90-AC-5
High carbon content for extended performance. Outer layer of pleated 5 micron Polyester Plus filter media to protect the carbon by removing sediment and extend filter life. The industry's largest carbon block cartridge.
Download Harmsco Premium carbon block spec sheet Harmsco® Hurricane Carbon-5-micron Cartridge
High chlorine removal, high THMs removal, longer filter runs for fewer change-outs. taste, odors, DBPs. Easy to install and clean.
Type: Extruded activated carbon block
Media: 55 sq. ft.
Flow: 10 GPM max
Capacity: 180,000 gals
Chlorine reduction 90-95% at 10 gpm
THMs reduction 90-98% at 10 gpm
Length: 19.5 in.
O.D.: 7.75 in.

*Also available HC/40-AC-5, HC/170-AC-5. Please contact us to order.

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