HF Scientific Microtol Turbidimeter

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HF Scientific Microtol Online Turbidity meter 0-100NTU
Part Number: 20055
Various models available (see data sheet below for options). This model, the online TOL 3 White Light (higher sensitivity for small particles, required by US EPA for online) analyzes from 1-100 NTU. See how fast and easy it is to calibrate in this Youtube video.  The low maintenance turbidimeter has a bubble rejection system, and some models come with optional ultrasonic autoclean feature which works to give accurate results and discourage water bubbles which can sway the turbidity number. A software system allows logging and data storage for multiple turbidimeters.
Microtol Turbidimeter data sheet Microtol Turbidimeter Datasheet
Microtol_turbidimeter_modbus_manual download Microtol Turbidimeter Modbus manual
Download Microtol_Turbidimeter_manual Microtol Turbidimeter O&M Manual

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