Chemical or chlorine peristaltic injection pump
Chemical or chlorine peristaltic injection pump

Chlorine injection peristaltic pump Blue-White A1N00V

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Blue-White peristaltic pump is BI Pure Water's standard for injecting chemical and chlorine, reliable operation.
Part Number: A1N00V-6T
This Blue-White NSF self priming peristaltic pump is the go-to chlorine injection pump for most of our systems. This model's optimum chemical injection rate is 18 ml/min (0.29 gph), other models up to 250 ml/min - with 60 rpm model.

Easy to use. Does not have valves that can clog, requiring maintenance. This model is the digital control/variable speed for external speed control, via control panel for example.  Output pressures to 100 psi. Accepts pulse inputs for manual or external speed control. Operator friendly digital touch pad. Tube Failure Detection system (TFD). Senses chemical in the pump head, shuts off the pump and activates a 1 amp alarm relay.

Various models for electrical, tube size and tube material A1N00V--2T, 4T, 6T, 7T, 8T. Call or email for prices and assistance choosing pump.

See our Youtube video of the pump in operation, in our standard chemical injection system. Can be used also for other chemical injection into water streams.

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