Accu-Tab Pool Chlorinator 3070

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Plug-n-play tablet chlorinator for smaller commercial pools
Part Number: Accu-Tab3070
Easy-to-use calcium-hypochlorite tablet chlorinator for commercial pools.
Engineered for:
  • Indoor pools up to 1.12M gallons
  • Outdoor un-stabilized pools up to 220,000 gallons
  • Outdoor stabilized pools up to 400,000 gallons
  • NSF 50 certified delivery — Up to 10.2 lb/hr chlorine
  • Tablet storage — 75 lbs.
  • Size: 24”W x 48”L
Accu-Tab 3070 chlorinator spec Accu-Tab 3070 Pool chlorinator

Chlorinator models for larger pools are also available. Contact us for more info.

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