Clean water all the time with Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, and MBR

BI Pure Water is an OEM for all major membrane manufacturers:
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RO and ultrafiltration membranes

Water users are happier with the better, more consistent quality of water that is being delivered by membranes. Investment in the technology of membranes by companies such as Dow and the greater value of clean water has made membranes more affordable even for small-medium numbers of users.

  • Superb filtrate quality
  • Removal of suspended solids (turbidity) and micro-organisms
  • Fully automated operation -- operator friendly
  • Save $ and time wasted on cartridge filters
  • Small footprint / easy to implement

BI Pure Water is finding ultrafiltration an increasingly advantageous technology for filtering TSS from potable water supply and does not require as much energy to operate as reverse osmosis. Ultrafiltration may be economically feasible for smaller systems with challenging water such as high turbidity and high TSS. Reverse Osmosis is ideal for filtering TDS and organics.

BI Pure Water has been implementing membrane technologies into a variety of potable water, process water, and wastewater plants for years.

Which membrane?

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